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this gets more dangerous us and and more dangerous. >> and you had black people who couldn't eat at restaurants. >> i am not saying that. >> andy is fnlt. >> i am just saying it was not like this was a perfect land back then. >> no, it was not a perfect land. but you had martin luther king giving a speech -- i mean we are celebrating this week. but these rights are not that. these are an attack on christian values. they are an attack that certain people can't accept certain things. i don't think -- as a homosexualist there are plenty of gay christians i know and it is compatible with the attitude. >> that's not what i am saying -- when i was 16 i was talking to my mom about religion. for a second she said it looked like i pushed her off the bridge. i am not talking about my beliefs and how i feel about homosexuality and how i feel about certain things. there are people that you feel you are pushing them off the building. >> humans have been around for 200,000 years. >> anna tom americaly modern humans. >> the enlightened belief system we are talking about is 40 years old. you hav
the spitzer matter. that's it for us. thanks for watching, everybody. see you tomorrow. "special report" is up next. >>> welcome to "red eye." it is like graham stroker's dracula. and then you might be meaning the masseuse slash butler. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> the man who made the video falsely blamed for the benghazi attack speaks. could this be the first steps of the long overdue impeachment process for our alleged president? a fair and balanced report straight ahead. and has the tsa expanded tir reach beyond the airport? others say yes, but others say yes, but in a different tone and is chris brown quitting music? hopeful music waits for an answer. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> i guess both of us decided to go bowling tonight. >> i don't get the reference at all. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she is so hot that firefighters mistakenly drive to her in an emergency. i am here with defense attorney john gnaw spilbore. and comedian tom koter. he has great socks, but you can't see them. 1k3* me repul
used on her and robin thicke's crotch. and she turned the rear of amazon ashley into a gourmet meal for good measure. i am appalled or a little bloated. as for the evening's most reel received number? >> that isn't exactly family friendly either. i want to go to you, baker. you are a father and you have a number of children who are in families. pretend that is your daughter. >> you mean the bear scratching his back? >> no, you know -- >> i know what you mean. >> are you mily cyrus' dad. >> you know what, at this point i would be under medication. i don't know. i feel bad for the dad. but it is a train wreck in the process. it didn't happen with this one show. i didn't see this show until just now. >> and you didn't shave either. >> i was at the willy nelson concert. willy nelson did not do those sort of antics. i commend everyone watching this to go see a willy nelson show as opposed to mily cyrus. if you are a dad you are disgusted and your heart is sick and you spend all of your time worrying -- i mean i spend all of my time worrying about my college-aged daughter and she is a gre
weinstein. and he is one of the authors of "the lizard king." i used to baby-sit him when he was an infant. he had a huge vocabulary then. it is bill schulz. we were the kings of the dance floor at a brooklyn dance floor in the late 1970s. now we do the news. next to me is john gibson, host of "the john gibson show" weekdays at noon eastern. his show will be live from the talk radio allstar summit on wednesday. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. how is this show even still on? >> forgot about that voice. the city's top cop thinks the ruling is a flop. yep, new york's police commissioner says if stop and frisk is abandoned there is no question violent crime will rise. on sunday ray kelly expressed his miss givings about a federal judge's decision that the policy is unconstitutional, and his miss givings couldn't be more miss givingy. >> the losers in this if this case is allowed to stand are people who live in minority communities. 97% of the shooting victims in new york city last year were people of color, black or latino. >> over the weekend mayor michael bloomburg argued for
>> bret: that's pretty cool. you know who was really happy? his parents. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online >>> welcome to "red eye." i'm dana filling in for greg gutfeld. that little monster will be back tomorrow. now to tv's andy levy for our pre game report. andy, what do you have for tonight's show? >> our top story, bradley manning is sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of documents. and our panel will update golly locks and the three bears and decide if the panel was too harsh, to soft or just right. and sentenced to 2350*eu6 years of not being allowed to use social media. and a high school spirit shows double stuffed oreos are not double stuffed. welcome to owe bough uh mays ark m. -- welcome to obama's america. >>> i am here with meteorologist janice dean, the weather machine. she has a children's book coming out on monday. it is called freddy the forecaster -- broadcaster. sorry. and the editor-in-chief of "maxim magazine" and bill schulz w
. as 2014. >> thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. >> welcome to "red eye." you think you can dance, if you mean by dance, that means escape from the activity pit in my basement apartment. good luck, mr. hammer. andy, what is coming up? >> the top story tonight, seattle city hall advises employees not to use the word citizen or brown bag. and the most outrageous story of this or any other year, straight ahead. and san diego mayor boll filner a terrible person or an awful human being? a fair and balanced look in a moment. and you will not believe what new york city women are putting on their faces to make themselves look younger. seriously, you will not believe it. it's horrible. >> you don't know it's saturday, do you? >> no. is it saturday? >> did you go home? >> no. >> the game, hot potato is now called harris balkner potato, i'm here with her, she anchors fox report weekend. saturday's and sundays, 7:00 p.m. eastern fox news kmanl and butterflies get tattooed of her on their ankles. yes, butterflies have ankles and they have tattoos, look at
're good for you. >> right. that's it for us. thank you gofor being here. thank you gofor being here. >>> "r." >>> welcome to ""red eye." it is like dude where's my car if by car you mean my trip with lou-dobson.u now tokn andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg our top story,an anthony weaner and bob filner. we will talk about these two important members of presidenty. obama's party. using performance-enhancing drugs. we will update you on new developments and a sad situation unfolding on president obama's watch. and finally could the running of the bulls be coming to the united states? you wouldn't think so, but i guess anything is possible in obama's america. greg? >> andy, can you blame people in obama's america not wanting to run with the bulls? >> i am just surprised the bulls want to come here what with obamacare and all. >> exactly. >> and you can only use 49 bulls in assisted of 50. >> i think there are 58 bulls. >> eight won't be eligible for health care. >> enough of this. look who is here. she is so british her blood type is
lawyers and not to those of us who want to murder people who text while driving. >> it is astounding, andy. i am trying to workup -- i have my own outrage. the thing is, new jersey is really tough on texting and driving. >> as they should be. >> yes, as they should. >> obviously somebody will not be driving as safely as somebody who doesn't, but what about the other person? >> here is the thing, greg, i like to say about the other person, how do you prove intent? it can only be when the person knows that the other person is driving and would prove that? i think from now on i am sending out my text and e-mails and adding a signature line that says do not respond if you are driving. >> you know, i can answer that. you say with lots of depositions from well paid lawyers. >> there is one way to go through the person's text and you could see, well, is it obvious one person is driving and the other person kept texting? or you would have to prove, oh they were just together and then the one -- like the guy took off and so the girl knew he was in a car and she was texting him anyway. this whole th
tonight. >> he is so sharp that pocket knives use him to widdle. it is buck sex ton, his real name, the co-host of "the real news" on blaze tv. and his parents tried to sell him on ebay for a sack of old potatoes, my sidekick, bill schulz. and if insightful commentary was a delivery i would wait for him to come on my doorstep. michael money -- moynihan. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. greg you can finally unbury me. >> how long can we ride this bull? all the way to obama's impeachment. the white house has addressed the rodeo clown controversy. spokesman josh ernest, if that's his name, said he had no reaction. as a native of missouri it was certainly not one of the finer moments in our state. meanwhile texas congressman, they have them there, michael, steven stockman has invited pote lar rising performer to come to his state declaring, quote, liberals want to bronco bust, but texans value speech even if it is speech they don't agree with. they don't agree with the speech. could this result in civil war? we asked this cat. >> talk to me. talk to me, jr. talk to me, jr. >> agre
. and joining us to commemorate the death of andy levy, on the panel is his identical brother, franz levey. and his parents wanted a boy or a girl, but got this instead. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if comedic genius was a gong i would bang him in a tea garden. next to me is the comedian jim norton. his special "american do general rete" starts on friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern on epic and epic hd.com. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> his bombshell? that he is one. manning is now not a manning. a day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison after leaking mountains of secret government documents bradley manning announced he is a female, and an attractive one at that via chelsea, a statement he provided to "the today show" a show. >> he has provided a statement that he wants us to read. this is part of it. "as i transition into this next phase of my life i want everyone to know the real me. i am chelsea manning. i am a female. given the way i feel and have felt since childhood i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. i also request that starting
sweats ice cubes. i was going to use a different ver v verb, but it's 11:00. and sitting next to me, rick "sexy" leventhal. >> at anybody know what's on the spike channel right now? >> very funny. if you're tweeting, this is a temporary studio or is it? thanks for taking that wide shot, by the way. he's bummed over bam. yep, matt damon, if that's his real name, says he feels like president obama has dumped him. here's the former fan discussing the president with bet. >> he broke up with me. there are a lot of things i really question, you know, the legality of the drone strikes and the nsa revelations are -- you know, it's like -- you know, jimmy carter came out and said we don't live in a democracy. and that's a little -- that's a little intense when an ex-president says that. so, you know, he's got some explaining to do. particularly for a constitutional law professor. >> must have. blue shirt day on bet. anyway, on friday, obama called a press conference to address his relationship with damon directly. >> we have conversations. they're candid, they're blunt. often times they're constru
shows use for the end of the program hoping people will tune in to look at large breasts. >> yes. >> it's a tried and true formula that started with "meet the press." >> is that right? >> yes. >> this is like meet the breast. >>> let's welcome our guests. she's so hot that tobasco sauce sprinkles her on her food. i'm here with kimberly, "on the five." it's on in the afternoon. i'm the alpha male. and a begin sue knife. it's my repulsive side kick, bill schultz and if comedic skills were a bike i'd ride him up and down the park several days in front of families and the elderly. comedian, dan schroeder. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. try not to bleep it up this time. >> is everyone bully for all things woolly? did the giant beef stop being deceased? the scientist responsible for the first cloned animal claims the discovery of the 10,000-year-old wolly man mouth's blood puts us one step closer to resurrecting the mammal. sir ian wilmuth cloned dolly the sheep and later slept with it. >> what? >> no, i'm kidding. it dawned on me that if you could clear the first hurdle of get
davis, greg? no reason. >> all of us little people know each other. which american town has the biggest frown? spoiler alert, it rhymes with newark. the new jersey hell hole is the unfriendliest in the u.s. one commenter says she, quote, ran into a lot of rude people there. shut up, lady. other cities with the gruff stuff include oakland, new haven, detroit, atlantic city and l.a. hmm. meanwhile, the friendliest city in america is all of the south. actually five of the top 10 are southern including charleston in savannah. fun fact, i have never been to charleston, especially in the late 1990s when all of the male escorts went missing. can't emphasize that one enough. anyway, speaking of rude. >> oh, and animals are mean to other animals and it makes humans look a little nicer. >> that cat suffocated. >> suffocated with hilarity. >> but then dies. >> yes, dies -- >> you can't prove that. >> it died of laughter, ambassador. i have an issue with this friendly versus unfriendly thing. and i was hoping you could give me a nonnonsense cal answer and you don't just babble. they are saying frie
the place. >> that's the argument the defenders of the hoax use. it is not a good arangement because a hoax is a hoax. by the way, he brought up fried chicken because she was talking about how diet affects ceain specific ethnic groups and they have different diets. >> you don't want to defend that way. >> no, i don't want to defend. i do love southern foods. >> i wouldn't say it is clumsy as much as dumly. >> i will take dumly. >> we are not buying chicken anyway. it is a moot po nie t. >> what did did you say? oh moot. >> bill's argument is the argument they use when they are caught. >> i was arguing the point that racism is almost nonexistent. she was brought to the table and would bring a lot of things we would have to bleep. >> anytime racism comes up it is assumed white. it is a two-way streets and we are starting to see that now. does it make you nervous that people are just now catching on in the mainstream media? >> i think we are finally having the brave conversation that eric holder was talking about. he was talking about america is afraid of talking about race. now we are talking
more thing because you kept your mouth rolling. >> take us out of here. we have loved having you. that's it for us. thank you for watching. special report, next. >>> welcome to red eye. it's like naked and afraid. if you mean by naked you mean afraid and by afraid you mean naked. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story tonight, a private eye says hi, a campaign manager says bye and bill and hillary say oh, my. plus those who voted tor the collection of your telephone data, we'll have a possibly shouting debate straight ahead. >>> and finally, a british wan ma be. >> i once own the a wiener watch. >> did it keep good time? oh, yeah. >> it looked more like a sundial. >> it did. >> let's welcome our guest. her new book, the kennedy chronicles comes out tuesday. we're live right now. i'd gently smack his balls with a smallwooden paddle. sitting right next to me, the comedian. tom shillue. it comes out today because we're live. sitting next to me, our current president of diligence, makers of dill gins fountain pens. when you're in the market for napkin holders and bottle
i say good job. >> that's it for us on "the five." thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow. "special report" with bret baier "special report" with bret baier >>> welcome to "red eye." it is like toddlers and tierras if by toddlers you mean me and bill hemmer every day after the help goes home. andy levy is recover frght scratching post accident. he appreciates your cards and letters this evening. filling in is fox business network and america's baby-sitter, liz mcdonald. she has our pre game report. >> thanks, greg. were the founding fathers dangerous extremists? some say no, but jonathon hunt says yes. stupid brit. and whose behavior at the video music awards was worse, miley cyrus or robin thicke? it is the most important question of the year. and why has the cost of college education risen more than 500% since 1985? we will let people who do not understand economics give their opinion and then later i will explain why they are wrong. greg? >> that's why you are here, liz. >> delighted to be with you. >> see you in a bit. let's welcome our guests. she is so sharp she slee
. >> but then he would use the finger in disgusting ways. >> it would be better than his routine. that's an act. >> i can't even improve on that. >> let's welcome our guests. she is so cute that babies send her hate male made of feces. i am here with michelle fields and she is so sharp she sneezes fishing hooks. sounds painful. she is amy holmes who is an anchor at the blaze.com. and in the continue mental united states he can tell you which drunk tanks have wi-fi. my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is the guy who leaves long voicemails on your phone that trail off and depress you. and then he repeats the whole thing an hour later to make sure you got the previous message. next to me, writer and comedian paul mccurio. >> i am a comedian. >> he can check out his pod cast on itunes. it is called the paul mccurio show. >> a block, the lede. that's the first story. that means i love you, greg. >> just let me do the show. did he demean a marine? bob filner is a pile of [bleep]. a nurse has accused the san diego mayor of sexually harassing her as she tried to assist a marine severely injured
attending rodeos and forcing us to go to rodeos? >> i had fun at this one. >> that's because the bulls stop chasing you. >> first of all, why do we even know this story? why is this a big deal? that's what you expect to happen at a rodeo, right? >> i don't know. i think if you go to any rodeo and i go often there is a healthy mix of african-americans. >> sure. so did the bull run over the obama dude? it was really a white dude in the mask, right? >> yes. >> i say good for him. that is you in the mask,. >> it is teaching to hate bulls. the state fair banned the clown and usually for other things. >> that should be the name, ban the clown. >> the best part is, they are requiring sensitivity training for the event sponsor. is that enough? >> no, i don't think so. we need to rename all of the bulls. if they named the bull obama it wouldn't have been as big of a deal and probably more accurate. obama put on a mask. he went to "saturday night live" and took off the mask and under it was obama. it was funny and witty and with popular culture. >> only obama can wear an obama mask. >> you got that r
. nothing is going to encourage the chinese to take us over like by invading and having no contact sports for kids. i was forced in school to wrestle. i did boxing growing up. you should actually learn what getting your butt kicked in sports means about getting your butt kicked. itit is a very good thing for you. >> if you are in school and teachers force you to wrestle, tell somebody. imogen, you understand we are talking about real football and not that horrid sport of soccer? i am talking real football. >> actually i do think that this is a bit of an outrage. football players are four times than average americans to die from brain disease. fine. but kids need to exercise. obesity is a bigger danger to americans. a third of kids are overweight or obese. they need to exercise and keep moving. i'm afraid it is a nanny state gone too far. >> bill, you were suspended three times from college for repeatedly stealing the football player dirty uniforms from the locker room. >> thank you foretelling everyone i went to college. didn't work out so well on that one, did it? first of all let's solv
he is a psych major at georgia southern. i actually think the judge could have used discretion here. they apparently have not found any evidence. i don't understand why they are calling this an artistic statement. i don't understand the art of it. >> you don't? that's because you are narrow minded. if you just opened your head and saw that everything can be art, clint, everything can be art. your hat is art. >> no, not everything. but i think just to play along in the whole prank idea with him that the jailers ought to show up every day and just yell, psych! >> that's funny. the whole imprisonment thing they should say we are putting you away for three years as part of our art project. in museums somebody will sit in a room for days and they will call that art, gavin. isn't there some other lesser charge? when somebody does something stupid on the internet, shouldn't there be an internet sentencing committee that says, okay, we get to humiliate you? >> i would say -- i mean, i am not the president, but if i was i would say the law should be changed to two purple nurples, aing a noog
be used like sponges. i use them when i am washing my car and go like this. jaime, if not athletes, then who should be role models? certainly not comedians like yourself. >> i think athletes should be role models, greg. if he was talking about a-rod which he was, i don't see how he is that bad of a role model. my kid does a couple of cycles of steroids and i get to live in a big house he bought me? >> here is a guy and his name is lebron james. do you know who he is? >> absolutely. >> maybe the most popular athlete in the world today, right? he makes millions upon millions of dollars and goes back to his hometown in akron. he leaves cleveland and i understand why, right? he went to miami. he goes back every year and he helps those kids in his hometown. that never really gets written about and never really gets talked about. but there is a guy in that community, i think, kids look up to. he is trying to do the right thing. he is trying to make a difference. >> it is great because a lot of those kids don't play tennis. he has been so inspirational at wimbledon. >> okay. you know what
to this. >> it is all cosbow sweaters. >> and greg, you brought up an important point. parents who use drugs have kids who use drugs. i saw it and watched you. >> cholesteral lowering drugs and use heroin and you blame him? >> you get a sense of heroin if you snort it. something for the kids to remember. >> was he boulder if he was older. a 67 year old great- grandmother accused bob filner of sexual harrassment. peggy said he hugged her and kissed her on the lips and repeatedly asked her out. at her press conference with gloria alred. she described one uncomfortable encounter. >> on the day that mayor filner came by and asked me if he could go eight hours, i was shocked he said that to me. >> he's scum and fiowa lner completed intensive this were and we have a video on what he was shown not to do. ♪ presidenty bird. respiratory >> that is disgusting. >> and nancy pelosi finally said filner should resign. was she waiting for 15 women. >> or waiting for hooters to come out and discourage all of the feminist and libs. we will not serve you because you suck. it took a long time with it.
which puts him outside the rake of u.s. law enforcement and allows him to live in russia where he tries to get it a country that wants him permanently. >>> in washington some guy named jay carney made it clear that this isn't okay. >> obviously not a positive development and we have a wide range of interests with the russians and we are evaluating utility of the summit. >> and some republican senators agree with john mccain calling russia's actions a slap in the face of all-americans. lindsey graham saying washington should consider this a game changer in our relationship with russia. also a game changer, this guy. this is great because andy levy no longer has to lock the door or anything. the cats can come and go as they please. i think that's pretty good. jimmy, good to see you on the show. you look great. thanks for the kit. >> thank you. thanks for dressing like a peeper's jam jams. >> jam jams? >> what people call p.j.s. i thought it was a perverted thing. >> you know all things about kids and sex jokes. >> speaking of which, what do you make of this, of him getting temporary asylu
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